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Admissions at Our Campuses in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and West Atlantic City, NJ

Applying For School
Prism Career Institute is here to guide you towards a career in Practical Nursing or Medical Assisting

Whether you have dreamed of becoming a nurse or medical assistant your whole life or are just learning about the medical industry, our medical career training programs at Prism Career Institute may be right for you. We offer Practical Nursing at our Philadelphia, PA campus and Medical Assistant programs in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and West Atlantic City, NJ, where we empower students with skill-based training. Learn more about our institute and admissions process today.

Our Admissions Process

At Prism Career Institute, we aim to help prospective students choose a fulfilling career path that provides them with both personal and financial rewards. All prospective students interested in admission to Prism Career Institute have to undergo the admissions process, which is outlined as follows:

  1. Applicants must first complete an initial questionnaire that will be evaluated by an admissions representative, who will then interview each applicant to evaluate their goals and circumstances.
  2. Prospective students then have to take a school entrance exam, and students who pass will be considered for admission.
  3. The admissions department works with the program departments to determine the applicant’s ability to succeed in the program and decides their admission status. Students will then receive written notification from the school regarding whether they were accepted or not.

Prism Career Institute adheres to an Equal Opportunity Policy, which means we do not discriminate based on gender, race, veteran status, or other factors. This policy encompasses all of our educational programs, as well as admissions policies, financial aid and loan programs, and other school-administered programs.

Our Admissions Requirements

At Prism Career Institute, we have a few general requirements that applicants must possess to be considered for admission.  Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Provide proof that they have received either a high school diploma or GED (high school equivalency) certificate from an institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Complete an admissions interview with an Admissions Representative
  • Achieve a passing score on required entrance exams

There are also a few program-specific admission requirements, which are detailed in our School Catalog.

Why Prism Career Institute?

Prism Career Institute has three locations in Philadelphia, West Atlantic City, and Cherry Hill, and we are proud to provide our students with in-depth, career-focused medical training. Our programs have been developed to provide our students with classroom education and hands-on training so they can become the best healthcare professionals possible. Our classes start regularly throughout the year so you can start improving your future career opportunities at any time.

We also have career advisors available to help each student from the beginning of their program to choosing a profession. Once our students graduate, they have access to Prism Career Institute’s extensive network of employers and industry professionals who assist in networking and advancing careers.

Contact an Admissions Representative Today

One of the best decisions you can make for yourself is to continue your education and start a career you’re truly passionate about. Our admission representatives work with each applicant personally to discuss career goals and research career options. During your visit, we will provide a tour of the campus and answer any questions you have. You may also meet with a Financial Aid Representative to determine financial aid eligibility. For more information, contact Prism Career Institute today in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, or West Atlantic City.

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If you have any questions about whether you meet admissions criteria or regarding the skills necessary to succeed in our career programs, please call to set up an appointment with an admissions representative today.

Conditions Affecting Training and Career Placement

  1. During the Admission interview process, all prospective students are asked whether they will pass a Criminal Background Report, and are informed that if they have committed any criminal offenses in the past, that this might preclude the student’s ability to sit for licensure or certification, or work in the field of study.
  2. Applicants to the Practical Nursing program must submit to a Criminal Background Report prior to enrollment, and if any offenses are noted, the Program Director will make the decision as to whether the applicant can be admitted to the Practical Nursing program.