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You Could Be a Plastic Surgery Medical Assistant

In the realm of healthcare, several roles work together to provide reliable care to patients and their families. Medical assistants are key players on healthcare teams. Their skills are needed in a variety of medical settings, including plastic surgery. Plastic surgery medical assistants juggle a wide range of responsibilities to support plastic surgeons and maintain

Important Questions When Considering Medical Assistant Programs

Now that you’ve decided to pursue the role of medical assistant, the next step in your journey is finding the right program. Choosing the right medical assistant program is an investment in yourself and your future. Such a decision requires proper consideration. Prism Career Institute offers a medical assistant program at campus locations in Philadelphia,

Prism Career Institute Success Stories: Meet a Medical Assistant Program Graduate

At Prism Career Institute, we love celebrating the success of our students. Elizabeth is a graduate of our medical assistant program. In this program, students can develop valuable skills that are needed across a wide spectrum of employment opportunities in healthcare. As a medical trade school, Prism Career Institute is dedicated to preparing our students

How Much Does a Travel Nurse Make?

A job as a traveling nurse can be exciting, as it offers a unique opportunity to travel and visit other states and countries. It can also lead to higher-paying positions as a practical nurse (PN). Those who graduate from the Practical Nursing program at Prism Career Institute, with campuses in Philadelphia, PA, and Cherry Hill

From Medical Assistant to Nurse: A Natural Career Step

Projections for growth in healthcare occupations over the next decade are strong, and two important members of this workforce are medical assistants and nurses. If you want to be part of these innovative and rewarding fields, consider enrolling in a healthcare training program at Prism Career Institute, with campuses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We

The Benefits of Becoming a Home Health Aide

If you like people, can assist them with personal care, and are interested in healthcare, consider working as a home health aide. As a career, it can be fulfilling, moving, fun, and rewarding. However, it also offers growth opportunities, and when combined with the right training it can start a student on a path into

Worried About Healthcare Burnout? Low-Stress Specialties for Medical Assistants

Healthcare is undoubtedly an exciting, fast-growing part of the U.S. economy, but it can come with stress. If you are interested in a healthcare career, you might also be worried about eventual burnout. This happens when healthcare workers, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, and others, experience sustained workplace stress. This kind of stress

How to Become an Oncology Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are a compassionate bunch. They choose to work with physicians and allied health workers in roles that greatly benefit patient care. Medical assistants work in a sector that is fast-growing in terms of employment and technology. New advances in medical treatment and care are exciting and create an environment where healthcare workers are

How to Become a Neurology Medical Assistant

Medical assistant programs, including the diploma program at Prism Career Institute, provide education, training, and resources to help people begin this healthcare career. However, there are many medical specialties, and medical assistants can specialize in certain aspects of medical care, as well. Neurology medical assistants choose to work alongside physicians and allied health professionals in

What Does It Take to Be an Emergency Medical Assistant?

Patient care in any setting is a team effort. Healthcare professionals work collectively to provide patients with the highest quality care. Their efforts are intended to address specific medical conditions and improve the well-being of patients. Emergency rooms are unique medical environments that require highly qualified healthcare professionals. Medical assisting is a key aspect of