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Misconceptions About Medical Field Jobs

White street sign, pointing in one direction toward “fact” and another toward “myth”

The medical field is full of opportunities for those with a passion for helping others. Unfortunately, it’s also littered with misconceptions that give people the wrong idea of the industry. Prism Career Institute offers healthcare training programs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that help individuals step into healthcare roles with confidence. Here, we debunk common misconceptions about medical field jobs to give prospective employees a better idea of what lies ahead.

Myth 1: Very Few Types of Jobs Are Available

Many individuals believe the healthcare industry consists only of doctors and nurses. However, a variety of roles exist beyond the traditional doctor and nurse positions. Healthcare teams include various roles that all play a significant part in delivering quality care to the patient. Examples of other types of jobs that can be explored in the healthcare field include:

  • Medical assistant: To ensure patients receive the highest quality of care, medical assistants aid physicians in medical offices, clinics, and hospitals. Medical assisting duties vary depending on the medical setting but mostly consist of clinical and administrative jobs.
  • Practical nursing: Working directly under the supervision of registered nurses (RNs), doctors, and other providers, a practical nurse offers basic medical care by performing an assortment of tasks.

Myth 2: All Healthcare Roles Demand Many Years of Training

Some roles in the medical field, such as doctor, specialist, and surgeon, require years of study and residency. That isn’t the case for every healthcare profession. Several rewarding healthcare positions require much less training.

For example, those wishing to pursue a career as a medical assistant can complete the program offered at Prism Career Institute in as little as 40 weeks (720 total hours). Additionally, aspiring practical nurses can complete their training at Prism Career Institute in just 15 months (1,560 total hours).

Myth 3: Jobs in the Medical Field Demand You Work Weird Hours

While hospitals operate 24/7 and most clinics are open extended hours to serve the public better, not all healthcare jobs require employees to work unconventional hours. Many roles provide employees with the structure of a 9-to-5 work schedule and the benefit of having holidays and weekends off. A healthcare professional’s work schedule can vary and largely depends on their employer.

Myth 4: Working in Healthcare Means Working Directly With Patients

Patient care is a significant part of every healthcare job – but that doesn’t mean you must work directly with them. There are several options for those who wish to break into the medical field but don’t want to work directly with patients, including laboratory and administrative duties.

Myth 5: All Healthcare Jobs Are Stressful

Perhaps the most common belief about the medical industry is that all healthcare roles are stressful. Just like any profession in any industry, there can be stressful moments being a healthcare professional. Many healthcare workers know how to manage their stress levels. Healthcare providers will preach self-care techniques to help lower the stress levels of their employees. Even still, many find that working in this field brings immense satisfaction.

Myth 6: You Must Work at a Hospital or Clinic

A common misconception about medical field jobs is that you must work at a hospital or clinic. While some may be attracted to the idea of working in these environments, not everyone does. Thankfully, healthcare is needed in a variety of settings. That provides medical professionals with a wide range of opportunities. Other healthcare settings to pursue can include private medical offices, school campuses, nursing homes, and more.

Learn the Truth and Pursue a Medical Field Job at Prism Career Institute

At Prism Career Institute, our goal is to provide interested students with a good understanding of what it’s like working in today’s medical industry. Our healthcare programs offered at our locations in Philadelphia, PA, Cherry Hill, NJ, and West Atlantic City, NJ, expose students to the truth about medical field jobs to help prepare them in their pursuit of a rewarding career.

Our programs are offered during the day and at night, making them great for people who already have jobs or family obligations but are interested in switching careers. In addition, Prism Career Institute is pleased to offer financial aid to students who qualify to help make furthering their education more manageable.

Those interested in pursuing a career in an in-demand field with excellent job mobility and several career paths should consider enrolling in the practical nurse or medical assistant programs at Prism Career Institute. Contact us today for more information.