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How to Become an Oncology Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are a compassionate bunch. They choose to work with physicians and allied health workers in roles that greatly benefit patient care. Medical assistants work in a sector that is fast-growing in terms of employment and technology. New advances in medical treatment and care are exciting and create an environment where healthcare workers are

How to Become a Neurology Medical Assistant

Medical assistant programs, including the diploma program at Prism Career Institute, provide education, training, and resources to help people begin this healthcare career. However, there are many medical specialties, and medical assistants can specialize in certain aspects of medical care, as well. Neurology medical assistants choose to work alongside physicians and allied health professionals in

What Does It Take to Be an Emergency Medical Assistant?

Patient care in any setting is a team effort. Healthcare professionals work collectively to provide patients with the highest quality care. Their efforts are intended to address specific medical conditions and improve the well-being of patients. Emergency rooms are unique medical environments that require highly qualified healthcare professionals. Medical assisting is a key aspect of

How to Become a Flight Nurse

Do you like the idea of someday helping patients during airflights? These flights occur for a variety of reasons. Some patients may need services that are only available at a distant hospital or medical center. Others may be evacuated from emergency situations, such as wildfires or floods. When critically ill patients must be transported by

What Do Clinical Medical Assistants Do?

Medical assistants play an important role in the field of healthcare. As valued members of a healthcare team, their responsibilities impact the quality of care patients receive. Most medical assistants perform clinical and administrative duties throughout their workday. Those wishing to specialize in patient care can choose to become a certified clinical medical assistant recognized

How to Become an Orthopedics Medical Assistant

Are you interested in a healthcare job that lets you help people recover from injury? If so, becoming an orthopedics medical assistant may be the best career choice for you. Prism Career Institute offers healthcare-related training programs, including a Medical Assistant program, at our campuses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Here, we discuss becoming an

Want Job Security? Medical Jobs Are the Key

For many workers, their profession is more than just a job. It offers a sense of purpose and meaning. Job security can enhance an occupation and play an important role in how professionals perceive it. Job security varies by industry and is based on the need to fill open positions. Among the various sectors in

The Healthcare Staffing Shortage Is a Real Problem

It’s difficult to discuss the current state of the healthcare industry and not mention the healthcare staffing shortage. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, clinics, and imaging centers throughout the country are experiencing staffing concerns. The shortage has forced patients to endure longer wait times and impacted the overall quality of care provided. As concerning as the

Misconceptions About Medical Field Jobs

The medical field is full of opportunities for those with a passion for helping others. Unfortunately, it’s also littered with misconceptions that give people the wrong idea of the industry. Prism Career Institute offers healthcare training programs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that help individuals step into healthcare roles with confidence. Here, we debunk common

Post-High School Life Not What You Thought It Would Be? Consider Medical Assistant Training

Very rarely do young adults get their career choice right on the first attempt. It’s common for people in their mid-20s to feel unsatisfied with their profession, making them contemplate a change. Those wishing to pursue a more meaningful career should consider the role of medical assistant. Prism Career Institute offers an avenue for those