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Medical Assistant Responsibilities

in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Smiling Medical Assistant

Medical assistants play an integral role in ensuring the success of healthcare facilities all across the country. But while there’s no doubt that these professionals are vital to the well-being of the field, you may not know exactly how the typical medical assistant helps with a hospital or clinic’s day-to-day operation. Discover what makes the career so exciting, and then apply to the medical assistant program at Prism Career Institute today.

Clinical Medical Assistant Duties

The employment landscape for medical assistants is diverse and brimming with unique opportunities that may focus on any number of responsibilities. Still, medical assistant graduates intent on being involved in patient care typically gravitate toward clinical medical assistant positions.

As is the case with most medical assistants, clinical medical assistants are often tasked with a variety of responsibilities that vary from one day to the next. These commonly include checking vital signs and assisting with examinations. Other common procedures performed by medical assistants with the appropriate certifications may include drawing blood (phlebotomist), performing injections, and preparing samples for laboratory testing. Plus, most clinical medical assistants will be required to educate patients on several topics, whether by discussing a surgery prior to the procedure or simply providing instructions for wound aftercare.

Administrative Medical Assistant Duties

For those medical assistant graduates who prefer to work behind the scenes, administrative medical assistant positions are a common choice. These career opportunities focus less on helping with direct patient care and more on performing essential tasks that keep the clinic or facility running smoothly.

Administrative medical assistants are generally responsible for a wide array of “paperwork,” including insurance claims, medical coding/billing duties, and organizing patient medical records – though many of these duties are now accomplished via computer. Other administrative duties commonly associated with medical assistant positions include answering phones and scheduling appointments, which mark the career as an excellent choice for students with above-average organizational skills.

Pursue Your Medical Assistant Career

Though these responsibilities may encompass a considerable portion of medical assistant job tasks, it’s important to remember that the precise duties required by a given position will vary based on employer, facility, and several other factors. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll be tasked with duties from both categories – especially if you plan to work in a smaller clinic.

No matter where you plan to work, Prism Career Institute offers the in-depth, hands-on education you need to help kick-start an exciting career in an ever-growing field. Prism Career Institute trains medical assistant students at our locations in Cherry Hill, NJ, and West Atlantic City, NJ. Begin your medical assistant career by applying to Prism Career Institute today.