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A People Person: 4 Ideal Medical Assistant Personality Traits

Medical Assistant Smiling With Patient

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I be a medical assistant?” If you consider yourself a people person and love helping others, you might just be the right fit for this rewarding career. Still not sure? Prism Career Institute lists four must-have personality traits of medical assistants below.

  1. 1. Good Communicator

In the medical assisting profession, you must be able to communicate with patients effectively, whether that means translating complex medical terms into plain language or asking the right questions. But as important as it is to be a good talker, you have to be an even better listener. In addition to listening to the needs and concerns of patients, you’ll be required to listen closely to the instructions of the nurses and doctors you work with. Not sure you’re a skilled communicator? Interacting with instructors and fellow students in classes at Prism Career Institute can help sharpen this skill.

  1. 2. Compassionate

For patients to feel comfortable and relaxed during a health assessment, they need to feel like their specific concerns are being heard. That’s why medical assistants must possess compassion. Showing the patient that you care and support them during their time of need will help improve their overall experience.

  1. 3. Meticulous

Over the course of a single day, medical assistants typically work with a significant number of patients. As a result, being meticulous is a favorable trait. To ensure the utmost efficiency and the safety of every patient, it’s vital for medical assistants to be attentive and thorough, especially when taking medical histories and performing exams. As a bonus, developing improved attention to detail will also serve you well as you complete your studies.

  1. 4. Adaptable

For a medical assistant, no two days are ever alike. In just one workday, you might find yourself jumping between administrative and clinical duties. For that reason, medical assistants must be able to adjust to new conditions as they arise. During your program at Prism Career Institute, you’ll complete an externship that will help you see just how valuable flexibility is in real-world healthcare environments.

Become a Medical Assistant

Put your best personality traits to good use – apply to the Medical Assistant Training program at Prism Career Institute. During the course of our career-focused training program, we’ll help you hone the traits that make an outstanding medical assistant. Call us today at 1-888-966-8146 to get started.