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Why Cardiologist Medical Assistants See Higher Pay

Close-up of caregiver using stethoscope to check elderly patient’s heartbeatWhen choosing to pursue a career as a medical assistant, it’s important to gain experience in a variety of medical settings and specialties. This way, you can advance your career by picking a more specified healthcare industry in which to pursue a career. Cardiologist medical assistants are medical assistants who work within the cardiology field.

At Prism Career Institute, we offer a medical assistant program at our campuses in Philadelphia, PA, and Cherry Hill and West Atlantic City, NJ. We teach students the basics of working in healthcare with lessons in medical practices and care. Here, we discuss what a cardiology medical assistant is, what skills you need to become one, and what jobs you can get in the industry.

What Is a Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant assists with running day-to-day operations in a medical setting. They are in charge of both medical and administrative tasks within a healthcare facility. For example, medical assistants are certified to check vitals and conduct some tests in addition to filing paperwork and updating patient records. Medical assistants are trained to assist nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals with daily tasks, including:

  • Wound care
  • Inquiring about a patient’s medical history
  • Phlebotomy
  • Patient prep
  • Prescription refills
  • Laboratory tasks (collecting samples)
  • Answering phones
  • Billing and bookkeeping
  • Scheduling appointments

Those who choose a medical assistant career path can obtain certification through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). They can do this by enrolling in an accredited medical assistant program, like the one at Prism Career Institute. Upon completion of their courses, students must take and pass their state exam before gaining certification.

Skills Needed to Become a Cardiologist Medical Assistant

Cardiology is a specialized field in healthcare that focuses on heart health and function. Those who become certified as medical assistants have the option to work within certain specialties, like cardiology. A cardiologist medical assistant is in charge of completing various medical assistant responsibilities in a cardiology medical office. Similar to general medical assistants, cardiologist medical assistants can check vitals and complete imaging tests on the heart. However, they may also perform more specialized tests, such as an electrocardiogram (EKG).

Patients who visit a cardiologist’s office are typically returning patients, meaning they seek out specialized medical care for certain conditions and illnesses. In turn, those who work as cardiologist medical assistants must have exceptional social skills and display compassion and empathy. Many patients seen in a cardiology clinic are dealing with life-changing diseases, like coronary artery disease or heart failure. As a cardiologist medical assistant, it is up to you to provide the support and advice needed for patients to get through.

Job Prospects and Pay as a Cardiologist Medical Assistant

Cardiologist medical assistants have many options when it comes to finding a job in the field. They can work in specialized medical clinics and doctor’s offices, but they can also find employment with hospitals and cardiac care units. Depending on your needs as an employee, some environments can be more optimal than others.

For example, working in a hospital can require long days and urgent responses because of the level of care they provide. Some medical assistants may find these appealing, as workdays can seem faster and more spontaneous than traditional work environments. However, others may want a slower-paced environment with stable hours. In this case, working at a private practice or clinic may be a better fit. Here, you can experience regular working hours with weekends off.

Cardiologist medical assistants are needed across the United States. This can make the job search process easier for graduates. It even gives students the option to explore jobs in other states following the completion of their program.

Becoming a cardiologist medical assistant can be a great way to earn a comfortable living without having to complete traditional schooling at a university or community college. While you can earn certifications at these institutions, attending a vocational school can allow you to earn your degree faster and save costs on tuition.

A medical assistant salary can vary depending on your location and level of experience. Those who work as cardiologist medical assistants can potentially earn a higher wage than general medical assistants. This is because of your specialized knowledge in the cardiac field and your enhanced experience.

Start Your Career at Prism Career Institute

If you are looking to start a career as a medical assistant, Prism Career Institute can help you start your journey. We have campuses in Philadelphia, PA, and Cherry Hill and West Atlantic City, NJ. To learn more about becoming a cardiologist medical assistant, contact us today or apply online.